... Hour Kitchen will help guide you through obtaining a food manager's certificate and insurance...

It's easy to get started at Hour Kitchen. If you are interested in using Hour Kitchen, the first step is to contact us (by e-mail or phone). We will answer any questions that you might have, get acquainted with you and your business needs, and provide you with the Hour Kitchen New User's Guide. We can also arrange a tour (recommended) of the Hour Kitchen.

If Hour Kitchen is right for you and your business, we require the following before you can start to use our kitchen spaces:

  • Food manager's certificate
  • Proof of liability insurance with Hour Kitchen listed as additional insured.
  • Signed copy of the Hour Kitchen User Agreement. The User Agreement details the terms and conditions for using our facility.

We can help guide you through obtaining the food manager's certificate and liability insurance. Once you have gotten your food manager's certificate, liability insurance and signed the Hour Kitchen user agreement, we will set you up with an online user account. You will need this to reserve kitchen spaces using our online kitchen reservation system.