Hour Kitchen FAQs

1) What do I need to do to to start using Hour Kitchen's kitchen spaces?

2) What are the minimum number of hours I can rent the kitchen space?

3) What are the rates to use the kitchen spaces?

4) Can I lease a kitchen full time?

5) How do I get a food handler's license?

6) How do I get the liability insurance?

7) Will the kitchens be available for me to rent at all times?

8) Is there dry storage available for use for an extended period?

9) Is there refrigerator and /or freezer space available for use for an extended period?

10) Can I sell food products prepared at Hour Kitchen at the local Farmer's market?

11) Do you have a store front that can carry our product?

12) I want to use Hour Kitchen for cooking demonstration and cooking classes for a group of people. Do I require a food handler's license and liability insurance?

13) Can I bring my own equipment?

14) Am I required to clean up after using the kitchen?

15) Do I get extra time to clean up?